Real Madrid’s Casemiro Claims ‘CSGO’ Makes Him More Nervous Than Football

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The famous Real Madrid’s defensive midfielder, Casemiro surprisingly makes more sweat while playing CS: GO rather than on the field.

Carlos Henrique Casemiro had joined Real Madrid in 2013, since then he has been a champ of the team, but apart from his amazing performance in soccer, the Brazilian player also plays CSGO and is a pretty good gamer.

Valve developed CS: GO has become very popular in Brazil, and Miro even has his own esports org for the game. However, in a recent interview, Casemiro said that streaming CSGO matches makes him more nervous than playing football in front of thousands of fans.

While speaking to Spanish football site MARCA, Casemiro said that while playing CSGO on stream he gets more sweating than playing a match at the 80,000+ seat Bernabéu.

“Without a doubt, people are much closer and when I fail, there are some insults. When I play Counter-Strike I get a lot more nervous there than playing at the Bernabéu. I feel more pressure with people watching me play video games live than football,” the Brazilian player said with a laugh.

Casemiro also spoke about interesting comparisons between CSGO and football, he said, “I’m one of those that if I go in to play, I don’t like to lose. I’ve tried to play like a striker or winger [in CSGO] and my score has been very low. I know that my position is a defensive midfielder and I have to help my teammates. What I am in real life, I also am in video games.”

However, he maybe doesn’t want to rush B and pop off like S1mple, according to the Brazilian soccer star, he can play pretty good with his favorite weapon the AWP and on his favorite map, Inferno that he calls “my Berbabéu.”


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