Oscars 2024 Predictions

The 96th Academy Awards are almost here – we’ve got you covered on how to catch the show at home this Sunday and our Oscars 2024 predictions on who might take home the top honors. The race for this year’s Oscars seems relatively tame compared to recent years – no major upheaval to report besides a lack of big shake-ups like last year’s surprise eight nominations for Barbie, although Greta Gerwig was completely snubbed in the directing category. Well, it’s democracy, and votes don’t just go with the money. 

Oscars 2024 Predictions: Best Picture Nominees - Reviews, Awards, and Where to Watch

The Oscars know full well that the more big films they reward, the better the audience numbers for their TV broadcast (their main cash-spinner), so they plan to shut Barbie out of everything. They’ll probably throw Frug with Ryan Gosling 65 cents because he’s chanting ‘I Am Just Ken’ (nominated for Best Song), while Billie Eilish (also nominated, a more likely winner) will sing her hit ‘What Was I Made For’?

However, what many aren’t talking about is the potential for significant political opposition, given recent activity at the Grammys, Independent Spirit Awards, and elsewhere. Security has been “ramped up” around the venue, but the Oscars have said they won’t interfere with winners’ speeches – although it’s hard to see where a riot is coming unless Vanessa Redgrave-type speeches are on the way. However, there’s some sway in this area from James Wilson, producer of The Zone of Interest.

How to Watch

In the US: E! Channel starts Oscars coverage with the Branch at 12:00 PT/15:00 ET, then shifts to live coverage from the red carpet show at 14:00 PT/17:00 ET. The ceremony starts at 16:00 PT/19:00 ET, with ABC starting its Oscars Red Carpet coverage at 15:30 PT/18:30 ET. It’ll wrap up at 19:30 PT/22:30 ET.

In the UK: ITV has secured the rights this year, with its streaming platform ITVX starting at 21:30 GMT and its broadcast channel ITV1 keeping pace with live Oscars at 22:15 GMT.

In Australia: 7 Bravo presents E!’s red carpet coverage from 08:00 AEDT. Channel 7 is broadcasting the red carpet live at 9:30 a.m., with the ceremony kicking off at 10:00 a.m.

Oscars 2024 Predictions


There’s plenty to read up on about the Oscars. Here’s the best of it:

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Final Predictions

Some of these have been on death row for weeks; others less so. Everyone’s had their say, including our very own Peter Bradshaw, so here’s the last chance to flip a coin.

Best Opening Montage: The Best Actor, Silas Murphy
Best Actress: Lily Gladstone
Best Supporting Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Best Supporting Actress: Davine Joy Randolph
Best Director: Christopher Nolan
Best Song: What Was I Made For?
Best Adapted Screenplay: American Fiction
Best Original Screenplay: Anatomy of a Fall
Best Documentary Feature: 20 Days in Mariupol
Best International Film: The Zone of Interest


At the conclusion is the broadcast of the 96th Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 10th, and aside from some acting categories that are part of this year’s awards competition, there are some surprising offerings in the top categories. Excitement is brewing elsewhere, where I think we might see some unexpected turns. Here are my predictions for the 2024 Oscar winners, representing the films of 2023.

2023 was a tough year at the box office, but many exceptional films were produced. While some big-budget tentpole films flopped or underperformed, including entries from the Marvel franchise like “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” and “The Marvels,” which collectively only grossed around $682 million globally, the three-hour biopic “Oppenheimer” earned nearly $960 million.

Best Picture – It’s definitely now a lock, the intention is for “Oppenheimer” to take home the trophy.

Best Director – Christopher Nolan is also a suitable choice for “Oppenheimer.” (I believe he should have also received the award for Best Picture and Best Director for “Dunkirk”).

Best Actress – While it’s a close race and Lily Gladstone is in the running for her performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” I believe Emma Stone’s performance in “Poor Things” is the kind that could win an Oscar this year.