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Matthew Perry Sends ‘Friends’ Fans Into Frenzy With Engagement Announcement

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The American actor Matthew Perry also known as Chandler Bing has got engaged in November 2020. Perry has never got married to anyone and fans of the series were quick to wish him the best. Some of the fans even led to drawing a parallel between the actor and Chandler Bing from the hit series.

The Friends star kicked off his acting career in the late ’70s. He was seen in the short-lived sitcom Boys Will be Boys (originally titled Second Chance), Home Free, and  Sydney. But he became very famous after starring in the American Sitcom Friends where he played the role of Chandler Bing who is a sarcastic guy who hated his steady 9-5 in business.

Along with Matthew, other famous actors were also on the popular NBC series, Friends for 10 seasons. Although the star is best known for this role in the series as Chandler Bing, he was also a part of series such as Go On, The Odd Couple, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The actor has not been seen in any movie for more than a decade but now he is busy shooting Don’t Look Up.

Whenever any show’s fans think about Thanksgiving, they remember that in the first season, Chandler Bing said that he doesn’t celebrate the feast because when he was a kid, his parents had announced their divorce while having Thanksgiving dinner. And by this fans learned that Chandler is not a fan of Thanksgiving.

It appears that Perry was inspired by his character to make an announcement about his love life on November holiday in 2020. While speaking to People, he said, he finally got engaged and he feels very to be dating the greatest woman on this whole planet.

After hearing about this news, many Friends fans are happy for the actor. One of them wrote “Could we BE anymore excited?” quoting his character. “Finally a thanksgiving Chandler doesn’t hate,” added yet another fan.

According to People, the Friends actor has got engaged to Molly Hurwitz who is a literary manager. Since 2018, the couple has been dating.


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