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Kris Jenner Likely To Sue TikTok Star Amid Kanye West-Jeffree Star Affair Rumors

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kris Jenner is not someone to mess with. Ava Louise is a famous TikTok and better known as the girl who started the Kanye West-Jeffree Star rumor, and she also keeps testing the Kardashian queen with her outlandish TikToks. Now, Kris said that if Ava doesn’t stop making up fake stories, she is going to take legal action against her.

A few weeks ago, Ava Louise had gained a lot of attention after she had “The Coronavirus Challenge,” where she was licking an airplane toilet seat and that video she posted on her TikTok. Now she is known as the woman behind Kanye West and Jeffree Star affairs rumors. But after the YouTube star, Jeffree made a video on this and said this rumor is fake, she also admitted that she had made the whole thing up. However, now Louise is back with some new lies on her TikTok, and Kris Jenner has taken note.

The 22-years-old musical artist has been posting Tik Tok videos where she saying that the Kardashians are suing her. In one of the videos, she filmed herself going on “an emergency visit to my shopper’s office to get an outfit for court because Kim Kardashian’s literally suing me.” Later she made another Tik Tok where she showing a fake document and saying “Since everyone’s so curious, yes Kris Jenner did contact me in a legal manner. Part of my lawsuit includes issuing an apology to Ms. Kim Kardashian West. I’ve decided to do so in cash. I’m going to be spending all $20,000 I’ve made off this scandal on SKIMS.” 

Later, even Kris Jenner replied to her fake stories claiming that no one on her legal team has contacted Ava Louise. “Kris has zero clues who this person is.” The rep continued: “However, if she continues to spread lie after lie and a fake letter in a desperate cry for public attention, which she has admitted on record that she’s seeking, then we will have no choice but to take legal action on principle,” Kris Jenner’s rep said. 

Jenner’s rep went on explaining that making up fake stories may get her more followers and fame but when such lies can affect someone’s personal life then it’s wrong. However, It seems like these threats of legal action from Kris and her team will not stop Ava Louise from doing what she is doing, as she recently shared a new TikTok with the caption “at least I’m being sued for something funny.” 


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