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Jess’ Husband Brian Hanvey Released A Diss Track About Larissa

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Brian Hanvey who is the husband of the former 90 Day Fiance star, Jess Caroline released a diss track about Larissa Dos Santos Lima while their fight is going on, says an insider.

According to a source close to the reality TV couple, “This whole time Jess kept quiet up until this past week when her husband, Brian, decided to drop a diss track (called ‘Mess’) about Larissa. It’s a response to her attacks and how she talked s–t about people who were there for her. He’s going to come out with a music video soon. He wants everyone to know that he has his wife’s back.”

“The song came out the same day Larissa seemingly announced her engagement [to Eric Nichols] and shared a pic of her trying on wedding dresses,” says the source who speculates her timing with the post was for a reason. “[Larissa] wanted to take away the attention of the song and have people talk about her relationship.” 

Larrisa and Jess’s friendship started falling apart in mid-January 2021, which fans came to know about from social media. The source claims, “Larissa got mad that Jess wasn’t there to pick her up from her surgery appointment, but it was a whole misunderstanding.”

The tension between them started to increase after Larissa took her frustrations via Instagram Stories after the two-faced off seemingly over an OnlyFans collaboration and flakiness. The Brazilian star wrote, “[Jess] used me to argue with Vanessa [Guerra], my ex Colt [Johnson] and now, is using my photos after I blocked your ass because you bailed me the day of my surgery? Poker face!!!!”

Later, Larissa told In Touch exclusively that she thinks her friendship with Caroline might be “one-sided” after they originally had a lot in common. 

The mother-of-two went on to say, “A true friendship is unconditional, but that is not what we had. I gave my best efforts to promote and to help build a larger following for her social media with my time and money. The friendship is not reciprocated with what she can do for me, because she simply doesn’t want to unless it benefits her. Not only do I feel foolish, I am hurt.”

Speaking to In Touch, Jess said, “Me, as well as other friends, am concerned for her well-being. I am at peace and have no interest in getting into this as it doesn’t resonate with me and the type of person I want to be. I’m heartbroken she is pushing everyone away, but ultimately, that is her choice.”


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