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Elon Musk Shows Off Boring Company Tunnel He Built In Las Vegas

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Elon Musk recently showed off his Boring Company tunnel in Las Vegas. The company will focus on minimizing congestion by creating a network of underground tunnels.

The 49-year-old Tesla CEO is gearing up to celebrate the Boring Company Las Vegas tunnel projects with a Fallout-themed party, according to his Sunday night tweet. The event is slated to take place “as soon as allowed” amid coronavirus restrictions, he explained.

The Boring Company is digging tunnels that will operate a high-speed rail service around the Vegas Convention Center. Musk shared a picture of himself with his three kids in the Vegas Loop’s loading dock on his Twitter account.

“Under Vegas in @boringcompany tunnel yesterday with my boys,” he captioned the picture. The Boring Company will work to reduce congestion by setting up a network of underground tunnels.


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