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Elon Musk Claims Humans Will Land On Mars In About Six Years

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The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk has a very confident attitude towards sending humans to Mars very soon. His Aerospace company have been working at their best to send humans to the red planet.

Simultaneously, Musk is also busy making a network of satellites that will make the internet available all over the Earth and plans to do the same for Mars. Recently at an event, Tesla’s Owner said that he is “fairly confident” that within 6 years all of the humans will land on Mars.

Currently, Mr.Musk is the 2nd richest person in the world, crossing the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. Recently, he was awarded by a media giant, and in the event’s interview, he shared a lot about his future plans. The Tesla CEO explained to them about space travel, Artificial Intelligence, and about his company’s goals.

Through the interview, they also learned that the plan to land humans on Mars will be done by using the Big Falcon flagship rocket. For a long time now, his team has been working on the rocket which is originally known as the starship.

Keeping in line with SpaceX’s main goal to take humans to Mars, Elon Musk’s aerospace company will first carry out an uncrewed mission. This is likely to take place in the next two years when the Earth and Mars are closest to each other.

This occurrence takes place every 26 months, so if everything goes according to the plan, the uncrewed mission will take place in the next planetary synchronization.

So if this uncrewed mission gets successful then the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX plans to complete a crewed mission in another 6 years. Elon has full confidence that the red planet is going to be a new home for humans. According to him, he will provide all the necessary technologies that can come in use to send people to Mars. He would also like to be buried on Mars when he dies.


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