’90 Day Fiance’: Kalani And Kids Joins Asuelu In His Volleyball Addiction

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Asuelu Pulaa from 90 Day Fiance has finally got his girlfriend Kalani Faagata to play volleyball and also their two young sons Oliver and Kennedy.

Asuelu Pulaa’s love for volleyball is the same reason that had caused a big fight between the two of them. But, recently, the 32-year-old star had a fun day with Asuelu and their two sons Oliver and Kennedy.

The 90 Day Fiance father had posted some videos and pictures of his cute family enjoying a four square volleyball game in their backyard. The Samoan boy had also set up a crossnet so that they could play a proper match. 

In the pictures, Asuelu was seen carrying Kennedy who is their youngest son while throwing the ball towards Oliver. After some time, even the mother joins the match with some pretty good hit. There is no doubt that the Pulaa family had a lot of fun on that day.


Earlier in 90 Day Fiance, Kalani had confessed that she and her husband had an argument over volleyball. She claimed that Asuelu used to spend hours playing volleyball outside the house which was not safe because he could contact COVID-19.

The TLC’s star revealed that he is addicted to playing volleyball. But Kalani really got pissed off when she came to know that her husband is lying to her about wearing a mask while playing outside. She said Asuelu used to say he is wearing the mask but actually he never did.

The 90 Day Fiance mother thought that her husband was purposely trying to come in the contact with the virus. And she was not ready to put their kids’ lives at risk, so that prompted her to kick Asuelu out of the house. But now it seems like Kalani can understand Asuelu’s love for the game, but this time they were playing in a much safer.


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