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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Accuse Deavan Clegg Of Using Filters To Look Different On Social Media

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Deavan Clegg has a reputation for shocking 90 Day Fiance fans by posting pictures where she looks extremely different from her TV avatar to her Instagram account.

90 Day Fiance fans have pointed out in the past that Deavan Clegg looks nothing like her TV avatar on social media. Deavan, who is with Jihoon Lee on screen, and Topher Park off it, appears to have a constantly changing face.

Viewers of TLC’s hit reality TV series suggest she uses FaceApp and filters, while Deavan insists it is fillers. The single mom from Utah claimed that she is a professional model, but fans found that hard to believe and even though she posted pictures from some of her photoshoots on Instagram, her 90 Day Fiance persona was slammed for making questionable makeup choices.

She continues to receive tons of flak for her red eyelids from season 1 when Jihoon first reveals his plan to quit his job. Aside from that, viewers have pointed out that Deavan’s teeth also look different on social media than they are on the show. While she insists that she doesn’t use filters, the 90 Day Fiance star has revealed what makes her look like a different person in the show.

Last year, she posted pictures of her botched-up lip injections after surgery in South Korea. According to Soap Dirt, she said her lips swelled up so badly that it began to die and to make things worse, even her face was bruised.

Deavan turned to TLC’s former plastic surgery expert, Larissa Lima Dos Santos for help. In Dec. 2019, she flew back to the United States with Jihoon, Taeyang, and Drascilla to get her fillers fixed at Larissa’s Las Vegas-based lip expert. She also got herself a sparkling set of veneers at the same time from Hybrid Dental, which also shared a picture as proof on Instagram.


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“You are beautiful on your page why doesn’t the show display your beauty?” a fan asked Deavan, to which she replied, “I didn’t style myself and I got lip fillers.” When another TLC viewer accused her of using photo-editing to achieve an artificial face, Deavan came up with a slightly different answer, “What’s the point of using all that filters and Photoshop when people know how you look (totallyyyy different on the 90 day Fiancé show).”

“And also what’s the point when you look like [a] different person IRL and on Instagram,” the viewer added, to which she replied claiming, “Show was filmed a long time ago. I got filler since then.”

“OMG I didn’t recognize you at all, this doesn’t look anything like you. I thought this was Megan Fox! I need to use face tune etc too lol,” another fan wrote. Deavan answered with, “Fillers can change a face for sure and so cannot having bad makeup.”

While most of the comments on Deavan’s Instagram revolve around her pregnancy or engagement to Topher, there are many which talk about her filters. Stay tuned in here for the latest 90 Day Fiance news!


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