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’90 Day Fiance’: Deavan Clegg Reveals Why She Keeps On Editing Her IG Photos

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The former 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg is famous for editing her pictures on a different level. Whenever she shares a picture of herself on Instagram, fans notice that she looks so much different in her IG pictures, versus how they’ve seen her on their screens. Plus there are many pictures on the internet featuring without and with editing photos of Deavan. Recently, the star gave her reaction to one of the memes and also admitted to tweaking her pics and also revealed why she edits them.

Recently, Jihoon Lee’s ex-wife Deavan Clegg posted a video on her Instagram account where she is reading out a meme about her. “When you first meet your girl and after six months” was what the meme said about Deavan. She jokingly captioned the post, “When you can laugh at yourself lol.” Using the hashtag “#unbothered.”

She goes on to say that she also finds it very funny when humans compare women “with or without makeup” and compare “professional photos to non-edits.” However, every time Deavan shares a picture of herself fans drop comments such as, “who is this?” but now surprisingly they agreed with her.

One of the followers agreeing with Deavan commented on her post by saying, “it’s ridiculous how some men still can’t wrap their heads around the idea of make-up and professional photography,” the star replied, saying, “shaming someone and calling them ugly for not wearing makeup is not the larger picture.” The Utah star goes on to say that it is not wrong if anyone wants to look the way they want in the photo or in-person.

But there was another fan who was curious and asked Deavan why she bothers with editing, and she replied in a very simple way saying, “because I like it I find editing fun.”


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