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’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson Asks Vanessa To Be His Girlfriend

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After going on multiple dates, the 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life star Colt Johnson still feels that her best friend, Vanessa Guerra is the one and is ready to ask her to be his girlfriend.

PEOPLE has shared an exclusive sneak peek of Sunday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, where the 34-year-old star has planned for an intimate date with Vanessa in order to express his love for her and to ask her to be his girlfriend. However, Vanessa doesn’t want to say yes until she makes sure that Johnson has learned from his past mistakes and will not repeat those mistakes in an exclusive relationship with her.


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Speaking to the camera, Colt, 35 said, “I booked a private chef’s dinner just for the two of us, and during the dinner, I’m going to ask Vanessa to be my girlfriend. I think Vanessa is having fun. I like making Vanessa happy and I want to keep doing that.”

Though Colt wants Vanessa to say yes and make their romance official, he still understands that she is a bit hesitant because she knows about Colt’s past relationships and how messy they were

Recently, on one of The Single Life episodes, viewers had seen Colt asking Vanessa that why their friendship could not go any further. Her reason was that she doesn’t trust him.

In the sneak peek, Colt says, “I can understand why Vanessa would be afraid. She knows that I hurt Jess and she doesn’t want to be hurt herself. But, I’m changed, and that’s why I want to ask her to be my girlfriend, and I hope she says yes.”

After they sat in his beautiful backyard, Vanessa went inside to change her outfit into a mini dress with heels, and Colt’s reaction to that outfit was “amazing.”

After the chef has served them a delicious meal, Vanessa says, I feel so spoiled. This is one of the best dates I’ve ever had.”

Then Johnson goes on to say, “I’ve grown a lot, I’ve changed. A lot of that has to do with you. You know, in a lot of the relationships I’ve been in the past, girls were embarrassed by me or they didn’t like something about me that made me feel very insecure. And it wasn’t until I started hanging out with you, just being your friend, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m actually normal.”

Assuring Colt, Vanessa said, “I wouldn’t change anything about you, darlin.”

Seeing his friends getting married to their partners and having children, Colt thinks that he wants it too and wants to start a family with her best friend Vanessa.

But first Vanessa wants to make sure that is he ready to stay with only her for the rest of his life, “And you’re 100 percent sure you can stop with all the other ladies?” she asks.

With confidence, Colt says, “Yeah.”I know you don’t really trust me, so if you have any suspicions, talk to me. Be honest with how you feel.”

“There’s only one girl that I want to spend my time with. I’d like to make you my girlfriend,” Colt adds.

The 90 Day: The Single Life new episodes stream on Sundays on discovery+. So forget to check out the next episode to see what Vannessa replies to Colt’s dating offer.

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