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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Denied A Kiss In ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Trailer

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The former 90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown has again started looking for love on a Discovery+ franchise’s spin-off, 90 Day: The Single Life. However, in the newest series’ trailer, the star was seen been rejected trying to kiss a woman

Recently, on Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Bares All, Big Ed had appeared on the show and was seen talking about his single life with the host Shaun Robinson. Later in the show, they had also played  PEOPLE‘s exclusive sneak peek, where Big Ed says, “I am single and I am currently updating my dating profile.”

In the sneak peek, the star was seen dressing up in various costumes such as Elvis and a karate outfit and clicking pictures in it for his dating profile pictures. According to him, many people get attracted to the ones who are confident and have a good personality.


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The clip showed the TLC star hanging out with a younger woman on his outdoor couch, where they were enjoying the time with some wine and talks. Speaking to the woman, Ed said “I want you to know that I care about you. You know, I do. I don’t want to rush and I am not in a hurry, I just like being with you.

In reply, she says, “I appreciate it. Thank you for having me over,” and gets up and starts walking toward the door to leave. However, when she goes in for a goodbye hug, Big Ed sees it as an opportunity to kiss her on the lip. But she doesn’t let him kiss her on her lips and turns her head down.

“You can’t do that,” she tells Ed, but he asks, “Why not? I kissed your nose.” But she says, “no, I didn’t know you were going in for that.” “I didn’t either. It was spontaneous,” Brown explains. “No, not yet,” she tells him before giving him a second hug and leaving his place.

Big Ed says, “That was weird. Be careful, drive safe,” as she walks toward her car. In an interview of 90 Day Bares All’s , reacting to this moment, he says that he “felt like an idiot.”


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