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’90 Day Bares All’: Yazan Reveals He Is Engaged To A New Woman After Split From Brittany Banks

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The former 90 Day Fiance star Yazan Abu Harirah recently reveals that he is engaged to a new woman after breaking up with Brittany Banks. 

During the Sunday, April 4, episode of 90 Day Bares Allthe show host Shaun Robinson told the Jordan native that she came to know that he was dating again, but his translator, Adam Lebzo claims that the situation is more serious.

On the behalf of Yazan, Adam says, “The answer is yes, but a little bit more than yes. I wouldn’t say they’re dating. Basically, they’re engaged.”

Alongside Shaun and Yazan, there were some other 90 Day Fiance stars, Fernandes Flores, and the couple Asuelu Pula and Kalani Faagata who were surprised to hear the news.

After hearing about engagement news, the Mexico native, Fernandes says, “Whoa That was fast.”

Yazan’s translator, Adam went on to claim that his new fiancée’s name is Leena, and she is an American. The two are planning on getting married in July, however, they haven’t met in person.

Adam explains, “they only talk on FaceTime. He already asked for her hand in marriage from her father. While [they may not see each other in real life], he’s spending almost every minute with her, whether online or with her family.”

Just to clear the fans’ doubt, Robinson asks Yazan, “is this the same woman that Brittany accused you of cheating on her with.”

But Yazan replied, “No I am talking with Leena after Brittany started accusing me of cheating on her.”


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