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Summit1g Makes His Comeback In PUBG And He’s Pretty Pleased With It

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Since PUBG is back on the market, many famous streamers have made their comeback in the game, including the Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar and he is pretty pleased with it.

Like many other streamers, Summit began playing back in mid-January, he did have a few thoughts such as that this time also it won’t be any different from the last time he played it and that he might not be the biggest fan of it.

However, after spending a few days playing the famous battle royale game, the Twitch streamer has been pretty pleased with what he’s experienced and is happy that fans have once again made PUBG a popular game.

On his January 16 stream, Sumit said, “Thought today was a pretty good day on PUBG, went good. I’ve regained faith in it. PUBG is not going anywhere, guys. In fact, thank God there are people actually playing it. Are they going to be playing ranked? I doubt it, but who wants to play ranked? F**k that.”

After this many fans are happy about the fact that Summit is back with PUBG and can’t wait for the upcoming streams.

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