Ninja Impressed By A Loyal Fan Who Follows Him For Over 10 Years

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Ninja has been a famous Twitch streamer for a long time. However, now he came across his biggest fan on Twitch who’s been subscribed to him for over a decade.

On 23 January, the American YouTuber Richard Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja took over his Twitter page to address a follower of him who has been supporting him for a long time. He shared a screenshot from his subscribers list where a user named icysofresh, who has been following him since August 14, 2019.

He tweeted, “Sometimes I forget even how long I have been doing this. 125 month subscriber still showing love and has been subscribed since I got into the subscription beta on Shoutout to icysofresh <3.”

After this it got proof that even when the streamer became the face of the now-defunct Mixer streaming community, Twitch never took down his account, giving loyalists a way to technically keep their sub alive.

Icy explained, “They never closed his account on Twitch so his subs stayed active if you had auto-renew on.” When Ninja was headlining the front page on Mixer, his longtime Twitch subs were still her all the time.

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