Kim Kardashian Caught Listening To Kanye West’s Album ‘Donda’ On Mute

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Rapper Kanye West has finally released his most awaited album “Donda”. While fans are enjoying his new album, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian was playing the songs with the volume turned down.

On Sunday, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim took over her Instagram stories to show that she is listening to her estranged husband’s new album. The stories included songs like “Lord I Need You,” “Hurricane” and “Ok Ok, Pt. 2.” 

However, many of her fans noticed that the reality star is playing the songs on mute and not listening to it. However, she went on quickly deleted the posts and replaced them with new versions where the volume’s turned up but the fans had already taken screenshots of her stories.

One Twitter user reposted the stories and wrote, “kim really said kanye’s music sounds sm better when it’s on mute.” Another wrote “Yes Kim, that’s exactly how Kanye’s songs should be heard, on mute.”

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