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Jan Blachowicz Calls Out Daniel Cormier For Calling Him Slow

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Despite Jan Blachowicz’s knockout win over Dominick Reyes, the new kingpin failed to impress some people.

Jon Jones raised questions regarding his move to Heavyweight in a bid to re-take his title, while former champion Daniel Cormier talked about the Polish athlete with journalist Ariel Helwani, who primarily covers MMA (mixed martial arts), on their podcast.

“Jones beats Blachowicz. Too slow. (Blachowicz is) too slow to beat … because the thing about Jones people don’t realize, he’s got a good chin,” Cormier said (via MMA Junkie). “You can hit him. I hit him. A lot of us hit him,” he added.

Noting that he can take punches, Cormier suggested that Jones would pick Jan Blachowicz apart because he is too slow. He then went on to say that if he was still fighting at 205, and if asked whether he fight Jan Blachowicz, he would accept it. “No disrespect,” he said.

As expected, Blachowicz did not like the comments from the retired “DC,” and he gave Cormier a glimpse of his skill set. This is exactly how fighters get involved in a brief, but Cormier seems satisfied where he currently is, and respectfully backed far away from the potential opportunity.

Blachowicz too didn’t hold a grudge for long, and dropped the issue immediately and offered respect himself. Much to his chagrin, this little exchange did not help Blachowicz his next title challenger, but he is likely to have a future in conflict resolution.

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