Catherine Backfires On Fans “Blaming” Them For Their House Foreclosed

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After the Ace Family finally addressed their house rumors in their new YouTube video. Many people started blaming the two for the issues they had with the property. But Catherine McBroom doesn’t agree with them.

On 28 Nov, Austin and Catherine McBroom uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, ‘Ace Family.’ In the 1 hour-long video, the couple reveals the full story of how their mansion was foreclosed. The video was titled ‘Our House. Story.’

However, many fans began to blame the two for the issues they are facing with their house. One user wrote, “They put themselves in this situation, clearly they weren’t ready to start building a home so everything is on them,” another said, “Umm isn’t it just called living beyond your means? How about just staying humble and not spend money on stupid shit? Y’all need all those cars? Or the giant portrait of Catherine’s face? The list could go on. Hope this experience humbles you both.”

Even Catherine must have gone through fans’ comments and didn’t agree with them at all. Soon, the mother-of-three shared a statement on her Instagram story saying, “I don’t want anyone to feel bad for me. “This is not about that. If it was I would have shared this all years ago.”

“And for those [who] are criticizing our decision and blaming us for the issues, shame on you. People need to understand that this all started in 2018, 4 years ago when I believed in people. I believed that people were good and honest. I believed that I was around good people but we were taken advantage of. It’s caused me to move differently and change my trust due to life experiences. It was a learning lesson,” She added.

Later when a fan commented saying “all you’re talking about is cheap material, as if you deserve the highest quality. Paiz replies, “I paid for the highest quality, but it was pocketed. That’s what corrupt contractors do. If you really pay attention you’ll understand but the problem with people like you is that you’ve already made up your mind about me. You don’t care to listen. There’s a reason why we have two ears and one mouth. Listen more.”

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