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Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Fighting After Moving Into Their L.A. Home: Source

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If a report from a tabloid is anything to go by, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were fighting “constantly” after moving into their new home in Los Angeles, and the pair were worried that they had made a huge mistake.

Shortly after Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani moved into their new $13.2 million home in L..A., the National Enquirer reported that the pair was constantly at odds with each other. A source even claimed that they were “fearing they’ve made a huge mistake.”

Buying a home together was a big step for The Voice judges, the insider said, noting that things began going south soon after they moved in. According to the tabloid, Gwen and Blake had spent “two blissful months” quarantining at the country singer’s Oklahoma ranch with the No Doubt alum’s three kids before buying a new home.


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After returning to the “hustle and bustle” of L.A., Gwen and Blake began “getting on each other’s nerves big-time,” the source said. Despite the alleged arguing in their relationship, the tabloid claimed the two were still “talking about having a baby together.”

The cause of friction in their relationship allegedly revolved around their different lifestyles, an insider said.”Blake’s stress reliever is to saunter over to the cabana, crack open a beer or three, and gaze up at the treetops,” the insider said.

“Gwen’s telling pals deep down she thinks she’s living with a lazy oaf,” the snitch said. While the source had a lot to say about how much Gwen and Blake fought, they did not offer evidence to back their claim, and did not reveal what the couple supposedly fighting over?

Moreover, the insider did not divulge details about what did Blake do that led to Stefani allegedly telling her friends that he was a lazy oaf? In order to see how the couple’s relationship is really going, Gossip Cop got in touch with Blake and Gwen themselves.

Do you think Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are constantly fighting after moving into their L.A. mansion? Watch this space for the latest celebrity news.


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    National Enquirer is just trying to start shit for them so they’ll create more readers and their sales will go up. Anybody that believes their BS is not even worthy of believing themselves.


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