’90 Day Fiance’:Brittany Says Yazan Was Aware That She Was Married

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The 26-year-old Brittany Banks from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is once again risking her NDA to reveal some secrets, that may be true or not.

After receiving many questions on her Instagram account, the 90 Day Fiance’s star finally came up and answered a question asked by one of her fans about her relationship status with Yazan. She reveals that Yazan knew that she was still married when he was on the show.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance need to stay updated about two things, making events in the stars’ lives very confusing sometimes. On the show, Brittany and her boyfriend Yazan are still a couple, however, they have no physical connection because she is currently in Chicago getting her divorce from her ex-husband.

However, there are some rumors claiming that Brittany has been dating rappers which including Usman who is Lisa’s former boyfriend. Till now there is no confirmation on these rumors, but Brittany did come forward when she was accused of dating Yazan to get famous so that her rap career also could get better. In her defends she said, that if that what she wanted to do, she would go and date a rapper, not Yazan.

Recently, one of her fans had commented on her Instagram post, “she single now?” Brittany replied, “I’m divorced and ima be real since I am tired of y’all. Yazan knew I was still married. He just knew his parents would be mad if I was honest about it on the show bc he didn’t wanna wait to be with me”. Later, Brittany deleted all comments from all of her Instagram posts.Brittany Banks

After this shocking news given by Brittany, many fans find their entire storyline irrelevant. Every time she comes in front of the camera and tells everyone that she still has to inform Yazan about her marriage, this also could be a lie. It could be possible that Brittany realized she just indirectly mentioned that her entire storyline is fake and hence she took down all of her Instagram comments.

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