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’90 Day Fiance’: Uncle Beau And Tamara Reveal How Natalie Left Mike

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Uncle Beau and Tamara Authier are accusing 90 Day Fiance star Natalie Mordovtseva of lying to leave Mike Youngquist in Dec., last year.

Uncle Beau and Tamara shed light on how Natalie dumped Mike. Aside from that, her disgusting habits when she stayed in the Sequim trailer with Mike were criticized by Tamara and Uncle Beau on a recent podcast.

Mike and Natalie currently appear on 90 Day Fiance. However, TLC viewers already know that they called it quits a few months ago. Bojangles even claims that they are neither pregnant nor have a baby.

Nevertheless, Natalie is still in the U.S., starring next on The Single Life. Trish never wanted Mike and Natalie to tie the knot, and in the Tell-All it was clear that they were not still together.

The pair still got another season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? which featured a Thanksgiving episode, in which Trish allegedly insulted Natalie for several days. Uncle Beau and Tamara revealed that Natalie left Mike during Christmas 2020 and never returned again.

During their appearance on Kiki And Kibbitz podcast, Tamar and Uncle Beau claimed that she was hired as a housekeeper by 90 Day Fiance’s Mike after Natalie arrived.

The duo accused Natalie of never making dinner, and of being a terrible cook. Since she never cleaned up after herself, Mike had to clean up after Natalie when he came home after work.

Tamara claims that soon Natalie and Mike were fighting before she decided to dump him. Natalie picked her bags allegedly on Christmas Eve and called Mike to tell him that she was going to the casino with his neighbor Tamara.

Mike did not suspect anything, but Natalie had left him. Later that night, Tamara called Mike and told him she was at his aunt’s house and had run out of gas. She asked Mike if he could get some gas, but he confused since Natalie told him she was with the lady at the casino.

Natalie was already on her way to Seattle at the time. Mike eventually realized he had been fooled by his wife.

According to a Reddit post by a fan, Natalie now stays in Florida and is busy filming spin-off The Single Life season 2 without Mike. The fan’s friend was allegedly paid by TLC to pretend to be Natalie’s friend as she explored the dating circles in Florida.

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