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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Sumit Reveals How Hard His First Marriage Was

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Jenny Slatten was shocked after she came to know that her boyfriend Sumit has a wife from an arranged marriage. Recently, on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit revealed that his first marriage was difficult for him.

Sumit and Jenny had rented an apartment in Delhi, so they could stay together. So while they are in that flat one night, Sumit got called and he went out of the room to pick up the call and told Jenny to close the door. Soon after that, there was a knock on the door and it was Sumit’s wife, in-laws, and parents.

Sumit’s father-in-law told Jenny that he already has a wife and threatened to take him away if he didn’t comply. After knowing about that Sumit was married, but later he told the circumstances that led to the marriage.

While speaking to the producers, Sumit said, “In other countries, it’s about couples. They love each other. They get married. It’s not the arranged marriage. If they’re not happy and feel the marriage is not going good, they can get separated and divorced. I just want separation.”

After that explanation, Sumit also said that he did try to make it work for the first year. Later, Jenny also asked him why is he still in contact with her wife, he said he is doing all of this under a big amount of pressure.

Speaking to producers, Jenny said, Sumit was forced to stay with his wife. She forgives him because she still loves that guy, and she also knows that in the first place Sumit never wanted to stay with his wife but had no choice. By knowing that Sumit is filing for his divorce, it is a prove that Jenny is the only one he really loves.

Recently, on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit once again went to his parents and tried his best to make them accept Jenny. But when his mom told him that he is being selfish and just thinking about his happiness, he snapped back.

Sumit answered, that he did that marriage because of his parents’ happiness because they thought it could be a good marriage, but it wasn’t. At that time, where was his happiness gone?

Sumit’s mother confessed that they put him into this marriage because they assume things would work themselves out. But Sumit revealed his bad mental health when he was married. 

Sumit told his parents, he was dying and even had stopped telling his parents how he was feeling at that moment.

Sumit’s parents pointed out at the big age difference the couple has and even said that their society would never accept this relationship. But in reply, Sumit said, that she cares about the random people in society that what will they say. But because of that, he has suffered a lot in the past and he also told his parents that he wanted to commit suicide, three times.


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