’90 Day Fiance:’ Sumit Reveals To His Family That He Is Engaged To Jenny

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The 90 Day Fiance star Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten are very happy right now. However, they still want Sumit’s parents to accept their relationship since the Indian star once again visits his family and tries to convince them.

In a recent clip from the upcoming 90 Day Fiance episode, the 32-year-old star visited a Sikh gurdwara to be a part of his sister-in-law’s baby shower. In the clip, Sumit’s parents Anil and Sahna Singh, and his brother were very happy to see him but this happiness didn’t stay for a long time. 

While speaking to his family, Sumit removes Jenny’s topic as well by saying, I came here, first of all, for them for their new baby. And the second reason I came is that Jenny is never able to be a part of our family moments. 

“I understand there is society pressure but for example, she stays home alone and I stay with you,” says Sumit. 

Sumit’s sister-in-law also gives her views on his thing by saying, ” Jenny, If she wanted to be the part of the celebration, we do not have any issue. She is welcome as a friend of Sumit any time,” “not a family member,” her husband added.

Sumit’s father says, “We’re not in the state where we can accept her in everything.” After a little bit of silence, even Sahna says, people call us, and they tell us,” Sumit asks, “What do they tell you?” and she replies, “that your son is doing wrong. Sumit replies, “yes, let them say it.” His mother says it is stressful. 

While speaking to the 90 Day Fiance‘s cameras, Anil says, “the society doesn’t accept this relationship, then naturally it won’t accept us either. Our kids will be cut means Society would cut us off.”

“If we have any problem, our neighbors help us. And if we are cut off, then nobody will come to help us if we are in a problem. That’s why we have a hard time. The thing is we are not able to accept,” Anil added. 

Sumit goes on to say, “look, I am engaged now.” Everyone from his family gets upset after hearing the engagement news. Sumit added, “so, Jenny has the right to be a part of all of our celebrations.”

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