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’90 Day Fiance’: Rose Vega Shows Her New Home To Her Fans

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90 Day Fiance‘s star Rose Vega has posted a video on her YouTube channel where she is showing her new house to her fans, although it is still a work in progress she is very happy with how it is going.

Rose Vega was first seen on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days when she was dating Big Ed, who many viewers instantly didn’t like because of his odd requests. Big Ed had asked Rose to do many things in a rather rude manner.

 First Ed had asked her to shave because hairy women are not his type. He also insulted Rose by saying that her breath stinks to which she replied that she suffered from ulcers and had told him about it off-camera. A bunch of fans thought that Ed did this to embarrass her.

After all this, Rose tried her best to keep up with their relationship, but when she came to know that Big Ed was lying about having more kids and was planning to have a vasectomy, and then it was over for Rose, and never looked back.

The 23-year-old star is doing great in her career as a content creator and she is also getting paid off for her hard work. Recently, the star gave her fans a house tour of her new home through her YouTube channel. Despite that her new home is still done under construction, she is pleased with the progress of her home.

After the house is done, she and her family will be able to move to a bigger and comfortable house. Rose’s son Prince will also be excited to enter their new home.

90 Day Fiance‘s fans remember the time when Big Ed had visited Rose in the Philippines, his behavior was totally against the ways she was staying with her family. Ed had passed comments on her house’s leaky roof and electrical wiring. Basically, Big Ed made Rose feel bad about her living conditions. Many fans also didn’t appreciate his attitude and started hating him.

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