’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Think Yazan’s New Girlfriend Lulu Is Fake

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Fans of 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way are very aware of the fact that Yazan Abu Hurria has moved on from his past relationship with American rapper Brittany Banks. Since he is dating a local girl from Jordan named Lulu, who recently shared Yazan’s picture on her Instagram feed. Despite that, some viewers think this Lulu girl doesn’t exist, and Yazan is just doing this to stay in the news.

Throughout season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Waythe Jordan native and the American girl had several explosive fights. Their love life was definitely not perfect, and it always looked like they were never in love with each other. Yazan always pushed Brittany to keep changing so his traditional parents would accept her. Even the Florida rapper was seen disrespecting her boyfriend’s religion and tried to challenge his Islamic values time after time.

However, the pair thought they could have a peaceful life in the United States, and Banks started planning on moving out from Yazan’s country. And before the fans could see Brittany and Yazan together, both of them called it quits. Later, social media was filled with news related to their huge breakup, first Banks accusing Yazan of lying and cheating, and he claimed that she used him for fame.

As a result, the Jordan boy confessed that he has moved on and is dating someone else. When fans asked who is the girl, he said that his girlfriend is Lulu. The 24-year-old started using her name as a hashtag (#Lulu) and tagging her account in his Instagram pictures. But some of the curious fans noticed that Lulu doesn’t have a display picture on her account. 

This could be because she wants her identity to remain private. But a few things hint that there are possible chances that the account is fake. Recently, Lulu had shared her first-ever Instagram picture, which was of her boyfriend Yazan. 


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Moreover, there are no pictures of herself on her page, and Lulu follows very few IG accounts, and since the fans are doubting whether she’s even real. According to Yazan, Lulu is his fiancée, but the viewers have still not seen them together. Due to this lack of activity shown on Lulu’s IG page, there a lot of chances that she’s fake. 

Some TLC show’s viewers think that the Jordan boy made this fake account so that he could be in the public eyes or to make his ex Brittany jealous.

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