90 Day Fiance Brittany & Yazan

’90 Day Fiance’: Brittany Banks’ Dad Calls Yazan A Useless Man

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After rumors spreading around that the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Brittany Banks and her boyfriend Yazan Abu Harrirah. Now, Brittany Banks’s dad Greg has fired back at the Islam boy following the comments made by Yazan and his brother, Obaida, in an explosive Instagram Live.

On Monday, December 14, Grey Banks had shared his thoughts about the drama through social media, “You owe my family more than $7,000 and you say my daughter used you. You asked her to lie about you not knowing she was married to protect you from your grandfather. It was a scheme to paint her as a liar,”

Brittany’s father also claimed that Yazan had always bad intentions and wanted to get to America since they met. He even mentioned the time that he had paid money for her flights since Yazan had promised that he will pay him back, but instead, he didn’t and used that money in drinking and partying.

Greg finds it funny that Yazan has nothing good to say about her daughter Brittany while he was the one who cheated on her constantly. The father also claims that Yazan has stolen money for her daughter and she has loved you even to protect him now.

In the end, he clears out that he doesn’t owe any loyalty to Yazan neither does her daughter Brittany Banks. He calls the season 2 star has always a useless man and claims that’s why he never said yes to this relationship.

In the exposing IG Live, the 24-year-old had confessed that Brittany had made him crazy with their back-and-forth exchanges on social media, which led him to speak up on the matter. The Jordan native also explained that he doesn’t like to say bad things about her but has no option left.

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