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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Roasted Following His New Diet Program

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The 90 Day Fiance‘s former star Big Ed Brown is one of the most-hated cast members from the franchise, so there is nothing new that whenever he posts something online gets roasted by fans. Recently, the star shared his new diet program, but his followers anyhow again started making fun of him.

Big Ed was first introduced to the viewers in season four of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The 55-year-old star was seen with his ex-girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega on the long-running series. The pair met each other online and created a long-distance romance. But instead of having a happily ever after, Ed was seen many times controlling Rose and had overbearing behavior. There are many clips where he is criticizing his girlfriend’s physical appearance and lifestyle such as telling her to brush her teeth because he thinks she had a bad breath and also told her to shave her legs.

However, he didn’t stop over there and went on asking her to get an STD test despite not agreeing to get one himself. As a result, Big Ed and Rose called it quite, therefore she has been showing off her new, glammed-up appearance on her Instagram page.

Recently, the TLC star was once again roasted by his follower following his selfie where is he is trying to promote his new workout regimen. He captioned the selfie, “Let’s go calorie burn.” But instead of getting praised for starting a healthier lifestyle, he received comments such as “Ewwww,” “Maybe plastic surgery will do it too” and “Yeah but no matter how much weight he lost he still would waddle and have no neck lmao.” 


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But with such bad comments, there was one fan who showed support for Big Ed’s dieting and wrote “Yes Ed get it,” and another commented, “ED WHY U GOT SO MANY HATERS😭😭😭IM SO SORRY #hatersgonnahate.”

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