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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Did The Famous Buss It Challenge

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The former 90 Day Fiance Big Ed Brown was recently praised by his fans for losing 18 pounds. But now again the star is facing a backlash as he does the popular TikTok challenge, Buss It Challenge.

Big Ed loves to be under the spotlight and he always gains attention from his fans through his various social media post. But his recent IG post is something unexpected, just like Larissa Lima and Brittany Banks even Ed went with the trend and did the Buss It challenge.

The star shared this challenge on his IG account where he was first seen dancing in his signature black t-shirt and black shorts. Then when the beat dropped, he had into a chicken costume while doing some random and unrhythmic dance moves. Even his followers didn’t like his Buss it challenge and left comments such as “Disturbing“, and “It made my day worst.”


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But there was one fan who left a good comment on his post, ” if you haven’t figured out that this man lives to make other’s laugh, you might be a little slow. Ignore the hate fella, I laughed.” However, many fans didn’t seem to agree with him as they left comments like, you are the most cringy person in the world,” Bruh pls stop your going too far, your not a celebrity,” “Yea I think it’s time to unfollow,” and “If your trying to be funny, it’s not working.”

But, if Ed’s goal was to increase his IG posts engagement through this Buss it Challenge then he has succeeded. Because normally he gets somewhere around 100 comments on his IG posts, but this time he got more than 900 comments. 


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