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’90 Day Bares All’: Yazan Confesses He Called His Girlfriend Leena ‘Brittany’ Accidentally

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It seems like the former 90 Day Fiance star Yazan abu harirah is still not over his ex-girlfriend Brittany Banks. As he confesses that once he accidentally called his girlfriend Leena, “Brittany”.

In the ET exclusive clip from Sunday’s 90 Day Bares All, the show host Shaun Robinson, and fellow TLC stars including Yazan, Kalani, and Asuelu, Fernanda, as well as Colt’s ex-girlfriend, Jess were seen playing a game of “Bares All Bingo.”

After going through some hilarious questions, Shaun asked the stars, “Have you ever called a partner the wrong name?” and the Jordan native replies to the question saying, “Yeah, I called Leena ‘Brittany,’ and she humiliated me, I spent two days consoling her. I wanna said ‘baby,’ but I said ‘Brittany.’ And Leena said to me, ‘F**k you! Why you tell me, Brittany?!'”

Then, Shaun says, “Brittany is gonna love this, she gonna be like you are thinking about she is your head.” Yazan says, “No! I’m not thinking about her!” while everyone laughs.

However, even the Mexico native Fernanda confesses that while getting intimate with some guy she called him by the name of her ex-husband, Jonathan. Shaun even went on asking Kalani that did ever Asuelu, ever called her by the wrong name. And she replied by saying, “He’s still living, right, Shaun?” 

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